New Gallery! The Village Gallery, in El Cerrito, CA

Very happy to be included in the opening The Village Gallery, in El Cerrito! The buildings have been owned by the Canepa family for over 60 years, and now Mark Canepa, an artist best know for his paintings and metal art, is finishing a really amazing remodel with the help of Russell Morton, general manager. It’s a large place with many rooms and much character - from what looks like a fine tasting room to an indoor representation of patio scene. It may sound eclectic, and it may be to some degree, but it really has a earthy, cohesive feel - like a stroll through a village.

Russell Morton, the general manager, also owns Russell Jacade Events, a catering company for upscale events designed specifically for the client / event. His flair for design really shines in what he’s done at the Village! Russell attended the California Culinary Academy and has been a chef at many fine establishments, including the Four Seasons.

Assisting Russell is Marika Munkres. Marika graduated from California College of the Arts and will now be the main personality greeting the public there at the Village. Marika is very bright and personable so go in and say “hi”.

The Village has done a quick blurb on some of their new artists - “Welcome New Artists”. It looks like the Grand Opening will be April 30th, 2011! After that, I, along with a couple other artists, will be featured in another show there on May 14th. This event, probably like the grand opening, won’t spare any expenses on catering - They’ll be hiring Russell Jacade Events!