New printer, some remarkable clients, bigger film, and a special upcoming show!

In large part due to the generous contributions to my GoFundMe campaign, I'm printing and producing new images from my studio in Cotati! The new printer was covered with this funding and additional equipment was purchased from insurance proceeds and some surprising sales. I wasn't able to replace all the equipment needed so I'm outsourcing most of the woodwork. As promised though, now that I can print, I'll be making limited edition prints as a "thank you" to all contributors. Actual print orders from the campaign will take time though. Some Remarkable Clients! Just prior to the fire I was approached by the chef, Christopher Kostow, and the director of The Restaurant @ Meadowood, a Michelin 3-star restaurant in St. Helena. Winter Oak #1 was chosen for the dining area, and, Christopher later chose Estero Americana for his home. The possible use of larger images was discussed for future projects and at that I mentioned the possibility of shooting with an 8x10 film camera due to its amazing resolution. The following week I was talking to my good friend, Bill Theis, about shooting the larger 8x10 format. Bill then brought out a complete 8x10 setup, with 70 sheets of my prefered film since 1993 - Fuji Velvia 50! This film is difficult to get these days as it has to be ordered from Japan. In return, Bill simply asked that I give him a print! Well, he has 4 prints now with more to come! Another new, recent client is Sonoma West Medical, in Sebastopol. The director of the Medical & Surgical Unit, Maben Rainwater, was looking for a large piece to hang in the "lounge" area of that facility. This is where doctors consult with patients and their families. "Sonoma West #4" (first image of this newsletter) was placed there a few weeks ago and I can think of no better place that a person could use some solace!

A Challenging, and Rewarding New Format

Working with the 8x10 is all similar to the 4x5 but is more challenging in many ways, and as Bill says "It's a box kite" - the sheer size of its bellows makes it extremely susceptible to wind! My recent focus has been on the Sonoma County hillsides (see main image), and I found out quickly that a good breeze will easily soften the image since even the Eucalyptus, a mile away, will be seen with the resolution of the 8x10. But when it all comes together and the image is captured, the results are stunning! I expected the detail to be great but there's a feel that's come as a great surprise. You just have to see it for yourself - nothing seen on the screen can do it justice!

A Gala Showing Next Weekend!
Engage Art Fair, in Calistoga on April 30th and May 1st, from 10am to 4pm each day. This is late notice but I was moved from the "wait list" to participating artist last week, so, I am scrambling! This show is really one of the finest I've been to. It's indoors, there's high walls and great lighting for the few (26) artists, and, there's great food, drink, entertainment, talks, and demonstrations. Its really a classy show in comparison to most "art & wine" shows. 

Hope to see you there!


Lastly, I'd like to give a shout out to one of the few remaining pro photo labs in San Francisco, 
Lightwaves - thank you Dirk & Tim! - You guys rock the E-6 film processing! I also want to thank  Lenny Eiger, the master of film scanning!


I'll be showing at the