"Solitary Oak" Jenner, CA. Kodak Masterview 8x10, 2016.

New images from the 8"x10" film camera, and, finally a home...and moving sale!

Almost a year since the Valley Fire and its been a wild ride! Just moved into a new place and its really the first time I've felt like I was home in many months. The shop and studio are coming along and they'll be better than before - upgraded equipment and bigger, more efficient work area! 

Morning on Pole Mountain. Kodak Masterview 8x10, 2016.

In June I was commissioned to shoot a 650 acre property in the Gainesville area of Florida. One observation: The food chain is alive and well fed! From bugs to the billions of lizards and geckos, snakes (almost stepped on a water moccasin), amazing variety of birds, to the alligators! Loved the gators - even named one "Eddie" that frequented the dock area that I often found myself on days the light wasn't "on". The wind and light were often a challenge for my slow film during the month, but, I did get a few images that I'm scanning, the first couple are here in the letter.
First light through pine forest, Florida. Kodak Masterview 8x10, 2016.

Also spent some time on Sonoma Land Trust's "Pole Mountain", in the hills above Jenner back in June. I've scanned most those images and there's also a couple here.  The top image was shot about 9am, which puts the sun up about even to this oak on its mount. 
Dock on Bivens Arm, Gainesville, Florida. Kodak Masterview 8x10, 2016.

I have some nice works, including one from the new 8x10, up at Cloverdale Art Alliance till September 16th. Their hours are 11-5 Fri, Sat, and Sunday. Or by appointment - let me know. 
Sun rising on Mt. St.Helena with fog covering Sonoma County. Kodak Masterview 8x10, 2016.

During the last year I've focused more on shooting and doing odd jobs, like electrical, while I looked for a new space for my home and studio. It's been good to do other work, if only to help me focus on what I know is my true love.  

In hopes of getting the energy flowing here at the new place, I'm taking 20% off anything that ships through September. I'll send a price list and we can discuss specifics if you're interested - just shoot me an email.

From my perch above the lake, I hope everyone is well and taking these times in stride!



Dock on Buckingham Park, Kelseyville, CA. digital capture