"Roads I've Traveled" - Solo Show October 5th - 28th


Images for this show have been chosen from a career of 25+ years as a large format
photographer. I’ll have mainly images 30”x40” and larger. Many of the prints have
never been printed, shown, or are new. My criteria for selection was: Best examples of my
evolution - both photographically and philosophically, my favorites, and images that have
a great story to go with them.

RiskPress Gallery
7345 Healdsburg Ave
Sebastopol, Ca 95472

Show Hours:
Thursdays & Fridays 4pm-7pm
Saturdays 11am to 7pm
Sundays 11am to 4pm

October 6th 4pm-8pm
October 20th 4pm-8pm

Collection Sold To San Francisco General Hospital - Brings fond memories!

Salmon Creek

A collection of 7 of my works have been purchased and installed in the San Francisco General Hospital’s OBGYN ward, 6th Floor. A group from that hospital was touring the Women’s Health Center at UCSF Medical where I had the 5th floor for a show called “Serenity Earth”, put on by Matt McKinley, of McKinley Art Solutions. Included in the collection is “Salmon Creek” (shown above). This piece is 30” x 80” and was shot on my property in Occidental early one morning after a storm, in 1995.

This was a magical property that I have so many fond memories of: My son was born while living here, I built a shower in a huge redwood stump to use while I remodeled a bathroom (even after the bath was finished, I would sometimes used this shower, even in the cold of winter), and, I would sit on my deck, overlooking a small valley full of redwoods, ferns, and this protected creek. It was the first house that I had purchased, and the only heat was two wood stoves. I didn’t have much money so I would cut and split wood from the two acres - much of it was so old it provided more ash than heat. Too many memories here - I’ll have to write a book sometime!

This was the largest single purchase of my work that I’ve had, and for that I’m grateful. But what I hope will last much longer than that reward, is the peace the images provide to anyone in that area of the hospital. I haven’t marketed my work anywhere besides galleries and shows, but, from this I hope to find a way into hospitals and other areas where the people who appreciate them are people who could benefit most.