Though I’ve been doing photography for roughly 25 years, worked in labs, had my own darkrooms, have experimented with different formats and mediums, I don’t consider myself a photographer’s photographer. I only shoot film, I have 3 lenses, and most of my equipment I’ve had for years. I don’t experiment much and I don’t follow what others are doing or enter contests. The whole process and the gear simply do the job I require to capture my subject in the finest detail and color I can, now on an 8”x10” film camera - prior to 2016 everything was shot on 4”x5” film.

My images are more about being in the presence of Nature than they are about doing photography. My aim is to capture and convey the presence that I felt from the light and land at a given moment. I shoot with an old-school, 8x10 camera, not only for its fine detail and color rendition, but the whole process required when shooting film.

I like to think of my work as visually medicinal. It's mostly simple images representing the essence of nature. The light, subject, and composition create a contemplation of nature. The detail from the large film translates beautifully to the paper's matte surface using pigment inks - the most common comment received is about the painterly quality. The fine detail and saturated, yet true color combine to allow the viewer to feel as though they're at the scene or looking out a window. I want to bring the viewer to where I stood when the image was made.